Lance Herbstrong – Meth Breakfast

With their latest release Meth Breakfast, the trio of artists known as Lance Herbstrong have created the musical equivalent of William S. Burroughs’ fold-in literary style.  Producers Kimal Soliman and Bill Sarver take two musical compositions and fold one over another to create entirely new songs that often surpass the brilliance of the originals.   The track “Stroke Me” combines Billy Squier with Mickey Avalon, while “Do You Wanna Touch” combines Joan Jett, Gary Glitter, and The Black Keys.  Cementing the new sound together into comprehensive tracks is the original guitar work by Peter Distefano (of Porno for Pyros fame), and Bill Sarver’s own glitch and bass heavy samples. A reminiscent sound that combines the familiar with Electronica, Meth Breakfast is layered with Rock and Roll that will definitely appeal to your inner, angst filled teenager. This album is not to be missed.  As always, Lance Herbstrong’s music continues to be dispensed free of charge for your listening pleasure.   Grab your free copy of the new album Meth Breakfast and give it a spin.


Who Is Johne Edge

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