PICK OF THE WEEK: Feist – Friday, June 22nd – Boulder Theater, Boulder CO

Why You Should Go: French Canadian songstress Feist has been making music for more than 15 years and has quite a eclectic history. She started out as part of pre-grunge/punk band, Placebo whose first gig was a festival slot alongside the Ramones. At age 20 she moved to Toronto and joined the fist-raising sing-along rock band By Divine Right as rhythm guitarist. Her first solo album, 1999’s Monarch , heralded Let It Die’s stripped down, multi-genre soundscapes. Later she appeared on stage at Peaches’ shows as Bitch Lap-Lap, an incompetent rapper wearing Cuban aerobics outfits, sporting a sock puppet. Putting Lap Lap to rest (in a hammock somewhere), she toured through Europe for 2 years with Chilly Gonzales and is a founding member of the Canadian Indie-Pop collective Broken Social Scene.

Today she focusing largely on the kind of stripped down vocally focused songs that dominate her latest release The Reminder. Feist has been appearing on just about every late night talk show over the past couple of months and with a quick search of You Tube you can stumble across clips like the one below of her performing on a Santa Monica city bus for the Jimmy Kimmel show.

While her show at the Boulder Theatre almost certainly will not involve any busses, this humble Chanteuse will be sure to delight the audience with her speical brand of folk.

Be sure to arrive early to check out the indie rock upstarts Grizzly Bear who will open the show.

Venue: The Boulder Theater, 2032 14th Street, Boulder, CO 80302 – (303)786-7030

8:00 PM

*Approximate Set Times:
Grizzly Bear – 8:30 PM
Feist – 9:30 PM


*All times and prices are gathered from other sources and I am not responsible for mistakes or inconsistencies. They are intended only as guidelines. Please, always call the venue if you desire the most accurate information possible.


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