So here I am in the world of the “Blog.”

A friend suggested I give this a shot so I figured what the hell. I am constantly going to see live music and writing a good deal anyway so I have lots of material to pull from.

I will be posting monthly feature articles on bands coming to the Denver area. These articles will also run in the Marquee Magazine (www.marqueemag.com), Your One Stop Shop for Music on the Front Range. I will also be posting reviews of live shows that I attend. Please check back regularly for updates and feel free to make comments.



Who Is Timothy Dwenger

Music has always been a part of my life. It probably all started listening to old Grateful Dead, Peter Paul & Mary, and Simon & Garfunkel records that my parents had, but it wasn't long before they were taking me to concerts like Starship, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Huey Lewis & The News. I got the bug to write about music after reviewing an Eric Clapton concert for a creative writing project in high school but didn't really take it up seriously until 2002. Since then I have published countless articles in The Marquee Magazine and done some work for Jambase.com, SPIN Magazine, and various other outlets. I started Listen Up Denver! as a way to share the music information that is constantly spilling out of my head with people who care. Please enjoy!