PICK OF THE WEEK: The Hold Steady / Art Brut – Sunday & Monday, November 11th & 12th – The Fox, Boulder & The Ogden, Denver, CO

Why You Should Go: Because Rock-N-Roll is back! These two bands are resurrecting Bar Room Rock. With E-Street style guitar hooks and piano runs, The Hold Steady have caputured the hearts of so many as front man Craig Finn speak sings his way through tales of drug pushers, prostitutes and skinheads. For the most part Finn’s songs about lost youth struggling to find their way and his characters are so well developed that you immediately feel attached to them.

With lyrics like, “If they ask about Charlemagne be polite and say something vague,” or, “Holly was a sexy mess. She looked strung out but experienced,” Finn ushers listeners into the world of “Penetration Park,” “The Party Pit,” “Ybor City,” and “Hostile, Mass.” It isn’t a world that many would venture into on their own, but hand-in-hand with The Hold Steady it’s a hell of a ride.

Hailing from England, Art Brut mirrors The Hold Steady in their raw sound, outrageous energy and front man Eddie Argos’s vocal delivery. While neither singer has a classically beautiful voice, they have both harnessed what they’ve got and are using it to the best of their ability to communicate with whoever will listen. The last time they strutted their stuff on a Colorado stage Argos and Art Brut thrilled the crowd at September’s Monolith Festival at Red Rocks and definately won over some new fans.

This is a powerful double bill and though The Hold Steady will be closing out the festivities both nights, Art Brut will be playing a long set as well. So buckle up, prepare to call in sick the next day and head out to a true Rock-N-Roll show!

The Hold Steady

Art Brut

Sunday: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302 – (303) 443-3399
Monday: The Ogden Theatre, 935 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80218 – (303) 830-2525

Sunday: 8:00 PM
Monday: 7:00 PM

*Approximate Set Times:
The Blood Arm – 8:30 PM
Art Brut – 9:30
The Hold Steady – 11:00 PM

The Blood Arm – 8:00 PM
Art Brut – 9:00
The Hold Steady – 10:45 PM

$16.00 (ADV)
$18.00 (DOS)


*All times and prices are gathered from other sources and I am not responsible for mistakes or inconsistencies. They are intended only as guidelines. Please, always call the venue if you desire the most accurate information possible.


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