4th Annual Tunes For Barret To Be Held At Cervantes’ on November 3rd

4th Annual
Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom & Cervantes’ Other Side
2637 Welton St. Denver, CO 80205
Saturday, November 3rd 2012

~a KID FOCUSED event~
Complete with Mazes, Crafts, Live Bands, Musical Chairs, & Big Wheel Races!
Plus Silent-Auction, Drawings and more! 

“Music is the Therapy, Family is the Vibe”

As many of you may already know Barrett Kammerer (age 7) was born with an A-Typical Rett Syndrome called CDKL5 variant. Rett Syndrome (RTT) is a unique neuro-developmental disorder which begins to show its affects in infancy or early childhood. It is seen almost exclusively in females, although it can occur rarely in boys. The disorder severely disrupts the development of gross and fine motor skills as well as robbing girls of their ability to speak and communicate with the outside world. Seizures and breathing problems can also be prevailing symptoms.  It affects every aspect of a family’s life as these girls are dependent upon others for almost everything, from helping feed them to helping them get around, bathing, and most other daily tasks that most of us take for granted.  Tunes For Barrett was created to raise funds that directly benefit those with this debilitating disorder. For more information about Barrett and Retts Syndrome please visit  www.Tunes4Barrett.com and http://cdkl5.com/


Yo Mamas and Papas

When Giants Walked the Earth

Jaden Carlson

Sam Holt Band – featuring Tori Pater (Special Acoustic Set)

Dank Allstars – featuring DJ Logic & Backbeat Syndicate

Barrett’s All Star Band