Deer Tick – April 4th – The Gothic Theatre

TYH_8685Photos by Ty Hyten

Deer Tick rolled through town last week and played to a packed house at The Gothic Theatre down in Englewood.  Despite the fact that they were missing their rhythm section, the band soldiered on as a trio and thrilled the crowd with set that was a little bit more Country than it was Rock-n-Roll.  Hastily scribbled notes from our photographer included references to “special guests” (after more research these guests apparently included Steve Berlin of Los Lobos fame) and something about lead singer John McCauley playing his guitar with his penis (after further research it turns out this was true and has happened at other Deer Tick shows including this one.) Deer Tick is known for wild shows, and last week’s set at The Gothic didn’t disappoint.   Local rockers The Knew opened the night with every ounce of the passion and fervor they are known for.