Muse – September 17th – The Pepsi Center

DSC_9317_8_9_fPhotos by Todd Radunsky

British rock band Muse brought their hardcore fans and a gigantic LED pyramid to Denver last Tuesday when they played a loud, high-energy set at The Pepsi Center.

The trio played a 19 song set that included the bombastic opener “Supremacy” that started the night off with a bang and really got the crowd into the show immediately. Not only was the band tight and the sound great, but the light show was artsy and impactful without being over done. Their gigantic pyramid made out of dozens and dozens of flickering LED screens only added to the visual spectacle.

Judging from the fact that there were both men and women crying when the band came on stage there’s not much argument to be made that Muse has a very faithful following, and is one of the better live acts touring today.


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