Disclosure – October 22nd – The Boulder Theater


The Scene: Another sold-out show packed the Boulder Theater last Tuesday night. Midterms beware, for the English electronic duo Disclosure was the ultimate excuse to close up those textbooks and let loose for a few hours. Girls in sparkly tees and boys in tacky button-ups spilled out into the streets, but luckily the 21+ line relieved any anxiety I had about wasting precious minutes out in the cool Colorado air. Upon entering the venue, one could tell the night was due for reckless head banging as a tone of youthful, carefree living filled the room.

Opener: T. Williams. A relatively subdued opener for the wildness that was to ensue was London local, T. Williams. With vibes similar to that of Girafagge and xxyyxx, Williams provided an air of sensuality to the night. His 2012 album, Can We, dominated his set, which was sprinkled with a few jams from his EP. It was definitely suitable intro music and pretty perfect for an electronified Tuesday evening.

Disclosure: Three words: My. Body. Hurts. Probably because any performance by siblings, Guy and Howard Lawrence, makes even the most senile of senile dance like a madman. The brothers who form Disclosure are 22 and 19 years old, but have the status and fame of a couple of House legends. The Brits know how to breed ‘em.

The show opened with an exciting presentation of “F for You,” followed by crowd favorite “When a Fire Starts to Burn.” The fiery graphics hyped up the crowd but the boys quickly put out the fire with Jessie Ware’s “Running” followed by the popular single “Tenderly.” Guy greeted the crowd with live bass and Howard wowed the crowd with vocals of his own. It’s always a relief when you see DJ’s actually belt out their own harmonies. What that says about the genre is a separate conversation.

The Lawrence brothers played pretty much every song from their 2013 album Settle to a very pleased audience. “White Noise,” accompanied by an Aluna George chorus, induced quite the sing-along but left everyone eager for one inevitable track. Howard knew what the crowd wanted and spoke his last few words of the performance: “You all know what’s coming,” and “Latch” blew through the speakers. The backdrop displayed their illustrious emblem of the caricature outlined in white, the lips mouthing the words. The crowd threw up their hands in a very controlled Raggedy Anne style jam for the very loving, very sensual “Latch.” Thus, a wondrous Tuesday night in Boulder ended in a sea of sweat, tears, and outcry for the up and coming House legends, Disclosure. I’m excited to see what the British brothers have to bring us next.

Energy: A+
Musicianship: A
Sound: A+
Stage Presence: A
Set/Light Show: A

Overall: A


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