Toro y Moi – November 6th – Ogden Theatre

Toro y Moi

The Scene: The Ogden Theatreenjoyed a dynamic show Tuesday night, as Toro y Moi returned to Colorado for his third appearance of 2013. Located in the heart of Colfax, one could see hipsters in the will call line being harassed by the likes of those beckoning for spare change. The venue, evenly spread with people, seemed a bit more crowded than most weeknight shows; the reason being that the electro duo, Classixx, had the crowd’s full and utmost attention.

Opener: Classixx. Just last April, the nu-disco pair, Classixx, graced us with their presence at NORAD Dance Bar, captivating the house-infatuated demographic of Denver. The venue change this time around altered the feel, neither in a negative nor positive sense. Tuesday night’s show at the Ogden wasn’t necessarily more down-tempo as it was, what I call “chillamatory,” or a more relaxed sensual ambiance. They still played their up-tempo hits like the ever popular “All You’re Waiting For” and “Holding On,” but perhaps it was the combination of the weeknight vibe and soul-electro headliner that stirred the calming sentiments. Either way you have them, Classixx is always a good time and if you’re a fan of any electronic-influenced music, check out their 2013 album, Hanging Gardens.

Toro y Moi: After enduring one of the longer set breaks of the Ogden fall season, Chaz Bundick and friends greeted their eager fans. Bundick, the brain behind the madness, has been dabbling in melodic experimentation since college, even forming a relationship with fellow electro-chill artist, Washed Out. Toro y Moi continues to tour nonstop all over the country, his band gradually expanding. The Ogden’s show enjoyed an additional two musicians (guitarist and bassist) to their normal trio, adding a more intricate sound to the interstellar atmosphere. With Bundick on keys and synth, the vibe of the show displayed a mix of 70s Love Groove and Electronic blasts of bass and melody. The sound relates to the likes of James Blake, Neon Indian, and of course, Washed Out, but exhibits more Funk and Soul. The light show throughout the night alternated oranges, yellows, reds, and pinks, with dabbles of blues. Strobe lights brought the crowd back to the galactic allusion, spiking everyone’s adrenaline.

The set list varied from heavy Funk to slow Soul to upbeat Electronic. Starting with songs from his newest album, Anything In Return, a boisterous “Harm in Change,” seamlessly dove into the popular “Never Matter.” After a few older songs like “You Hid” and “How I Know,” we were lucky to get a preview of the tour’s only single, “Campo,” a slower groove. After several lesser known songs and a sexy performance of “Rose Quartz,” “So Many Details” happened. As the hit song from Anything In Return blared through the speakers, people bellowed the words and grooved side to side. This track, however, is still on the slow side. “Say That” brought back the energy followed by his final song, the one that everyone was waiting for: “New Beat.” It was easy to tell that this was the song we were anticipating thanks to the flashing lights, Bundick dance moves, and heavy, heavy bass. The modern, interstellar Love Groove performance ended and Chaz Bundick left to go celebrate his birthday, which hit at midnight.

In the end many of the songs sounded so similar that it was difficult to tell which one was playing, but they still provoke the need to dance. It’s safe to say that Toro is entertaining; maybe not the most energetic of the Indie-Electronic masters, but definitely something to put on your live performance bucket list.

Energy: B-
Musicianship: A-
Sound: B+
Stage Presence: A-
Set/Light Show: A

Overall: B+


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