Shpongle Unveils The Shpongetron Experience

Known around the world for the mind-bending and fully immersive sensory experience that their concerts promise to deliver, Shpongle has raised the bar to new heights with the latest addition to their set-up. This year, UK-based DJ/Producer Simon Posford (the driving force behind Shpongle) is getting ready to hit cities across the US with a full-scale production tour entitled Shpongle presents The Shpongletron Experience.

Quite literally a monumental creation, the “Shpongletron” itself is the brainchild of VJ Zebbler and Coast II Coast Entertainment. It is the visual expression of Shpongle’s multi-dimensional auditory experience. Towering 18-feet above the stage and blasting audiences with 4 levels of psychedelic mayhem, concertgoers should expect nothing less than the best in modern eye candy. With platforms on each side of the structure for dancers to memorize the crowd with LED hula-hoops and other glowing art forms, a blooming lotus-like array of screens and an always enigmatic Posford at the center of it all, The Shpongletron Experience is like nothing Shpongle fans have ever seen before. The structure also features a 6-foot Shpongle Mask (the iconic face that often adorns Shpongle’s albums) that virtually comes alive with projected visuals and animatronics.

04.12.11 – Knitting Factory | Reno, NV
04.13.11 – McDonald Theater | Eugene, OR
04.14.11 – Arcata Theatre Lounge | Arcata, CA
04.16.11 – Coachella | Indio, CA
04.20.11 – Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO
04.22.11 – Spring Back to Vail | Vail, CO
04.23.11 – Boulder Theater | Boulder, CO
04.25.11 – The Granada | Lawrence, KS
04.26.11 – Majestic Theatre | Madison, WI
04.28.11 – Rex Theatre | Pittsburgh, PA
04.29.11 – Westcott Theater | Syracuse, NY
04.30.11 – Best Buy Theatre | New York, NY
05.03.11 – 9:30 Club | Washington, DC
05.04.11 – Pearl Street Nightclub | Northampton, MA
05.05.11 – Boston Royale | Boston, MA
05.06.11 – Higher Ground | Burlington, VT
05.12.11 – Eagles Ballroom | Milwaukee, WI
05.13.11 – Epic Event Center | Minneapolis, MN
05.14.11 – Portage Theater | Chicago, IL
05.19.11 – The Valarium | Knoxville, TN
05.20.11 – The Orange Peel | Asheville, NC
05.21.11 – The Masquerade | Atlanta, GA
06.02.11 – Wakarusa | Ozark, AR


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