Typhoon – January 12th – Gothic Theatre

02-TYH_3177Photos by Ty Hyten

Last Friday night, Portland’s Typhoon returned to Colorado for the first time since 2014. The packed concert at the Gothic Theatre coincided with the release date of their newest album, Offerings; their first in four years. The band delivered a very satisfying set that had the floor of the theater mirroring the energy on stage. Each song was an exercise in dynamics and percussive anomalies, with gentle verses culminating in chaotic climaxes, made all the more turbulent by the seven piece band. Clean, reverberating guitars disintegrated into loud disconnected distortion. Kyle Morton’s meek vocals unraveled into agitated yells through a second lo-fi microphone. At times the chaos was cut with the angelic voice of violinist Jen Hufnagel or a sudden return to calmer seas. The band was able to snap right back into place after a few years off stage, with all of the new life of the songs from Offerings. Favorite songs included “CPR / Claws Pt. 2,” dedicated to Fuel/Friends’ Heather Browne, and “Wake,” “Rorschach,” and “Empiricist” from the new album. Before the encore came the culmination of “Young Fathers,” fans chanting the “I just called to tell you, I just called to say…” portion. The band returned and rounded out a fantastic show with “The Honest Truth,” and “Artificial Light.”