The Motet Issues A Statement To Scalpers

This morning The Motet issued the following statement to Colorado Scalpers and we have to say that we endorse it whole-heartedly!

“A MESSAGE TO SCALPERS: YOU SUCK AND WE DESPISE YOU! Get a real job you pathetic, lowly, parasitic, bloodsucking, leeches. How dare you make more money on concerts than than the musicians on stage. How dare you take hard earned money from real music fans just to line your pockets. Go back to school and learn how to contribute something useful to society. Middle men like you are what’s wrong with America today!!! Thanks for listening everyone, have a nice day. ;-)”

While The Motet’s shows at The Ogden and The Boulder Theatre have long since sold-out, you can still pick-up tickets to catch them funkifying the music of The Grateful Dead tonight at The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins and on Sunday at The Bluebird in Denver.  Don’t miss this, The Motet’s Halloween shows are legendary and this year promises to no different!