Bop Skizzum Reveal New Track


Check out Bop Skizzum’s brand new song entitled “Still Time!” You can pay what you want for it, and remember any thing you can donate will be greatly appreciated!

From the band: “We have been having a blast in the studio with our new lead singer Julie, writing a ton of new songs and experimenting with different styles of music. We are so excited about our first song together, “Still Time.” We went with a more pop style for this one, since Bop Skizzum has always been about mixing it up. This is the first of many new songs to come – we really hope you like it!”


A clock is counting down 
But you don’t make a sound 
you turned this life into a time bomb 

You’re sinking like a stone 
Because you’ve never known 
A rock can skip across the water 

Weeks you wasted 
Haunted by voices in your head 
Years you waited 
Fears that you’re running out of time 

Still time to make it happen 
Oh there’s still time 
For livin’, and you’re livin’ it up 
Still time to take the chances 
Ohhh, ohhhhh 

You let them slip away 
Your days all fade to grey 
You gotta find another color 

You’ve been too scared to paint 
Your canvas is still blank 
So put yourself into the picture 

Stop spinnin’ 
Start livin’ 
Stop watchin’ the hands on a clock flyin’ by 

Stop spinnin’ 
Start livin’ 
You’ll never know how far you can go til you try

Start living!

Released 07 December 2011
ANDY GUERRERO – Vocals, Guitar
SERAFIN SANCHEZ – Tenor Sax, Keyboards
David Cannava – Drums, Percussion
Chris Harris – Bass
Joe Ferrone – Trumpet
John Lake – Trumpet

Produced by: BOP SKIZZUM & Christopher Jak
All Songs written & arranged by: BOP SKIZZUM
Lyrics by: Andy ROK, Serafin Sanchez, and Julie Almeria
Recorded at: Blasting Room Studios, Ft. Collins CO
Recorded by: Andrew Berlin
Mixed by: Andrew @ Blasting Room Studios
Mastered by: Jeremy Lawton
Artwork: Aimee Giese – @greeblemonkey