Top 10 Albums of 2007

I listened to a hell of a lot of newly released music over the course of the last year and there were a few CDs that kept popping up in my rotation. For whatever reason these were some albums that I just kept putting back in the CD player, at home, in the car, at work, it didn’t really matter. I just wanted to hear these records, and hear them again and again. In my estimation that makes them good albums.

I realize that “good” is relative (or at least it should be) but in this world of too many opinions I am going to add mine to the mix with my list of the 10 best albums released in 2007.

Honorable Mention – The Aliens: Astronomy for Dogs, Jackie Greene: The Dig Years, The Greyboy Allstars: What Happened to TV?

#10 – De Phazz: Days of Twang

  • File Under: Electro Jazz with a Beat
  • Standout Tracks: Boogie Philosophy, Hell Alright, Devil’s Music

#9 – The New Mastersounds: 102%

  • File Under: Instrumental Deep Funk & Soul
  • Standout Tracks: Hey Fela!, 102%, Thirty Three

#8 – The Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

  • File Under: Talking Headsesque Indie Rock
  • Standout Tracks: Keep The Car Running, (Antichrist Television Blues), No Cars Go

#7 – Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

  • File Under: Experimental Alt-Country
  • Standout Tracks: Impossible Germany, Side With The Seeds, What Light

#6 – Assembly of Dust: Recollection

  • File Under: Americana Rock ala The Band
  • Standout Tracks: Whistle Clock, Samuel Aging, Bootlegger’s Advice,

#5 – Band of Horses: Cease to Begin

  • File Under: Melodic Fuzzed Out Indie Rock
  • Standout Tracks: Is There a Ghost, No One’s Gonna Love You, The General Specific

#4 – Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger

  • File Under: Largely Acoustic Alt-Country
  • Standout Tracks: Goodnight Rose, Oh My God, Whatever, Etc., I Taught Myself How to Grow Old

#3 – Joe Henry: Civilians

  • File Under: Smoky Jazz Club Folk
  • Standout Tracks: Parker’s Mood, Time Is A Lion, Our Song

#2 – Iron & Wine: The Shepherd’s Dog

  • File Under: Hushed & Inspired Indie Folk
  • Standout Tracks: White Tooth Man, Resurrection Fern, The Devil Never Sleeps

#1 – The National: The Boxer

  • File Under: Moody Indie Pop
  • Standout Tracks: Green Gloves, Apartment Story, Racing Like A Pro

Who Is Timothy Dwenger

Music has always been a part of my life. It probably all started listening to old Grateful Dead, Peter Paul & Mary, and Simon & Garfunkel records that my parents had, but it wasn't long before they were taking me to concerts like Starship, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Huey Lewis & The News. I got the bug to write about music after reviewing an Eric Clapton concert for a creative writing project in high school but didn't really take it up seriously until 2002. Since then I have published countless articles in The Marquee Magazine and done some work for, SPIN Magazine, and various other outlets. I started Listen Up Denver! as a way to share the music information that is constantly spilling out of my head with people who care. Please enjoy!