Wakarusa Announces Official Festival Pre-Party

Waka Pre-Party

w/ The Vine Brothers

Friday, May 24th
The Bottleneck, Lawrence KS

Dumptruck Butterlips is a trio hailing from Lawrence, Kansas that blends a number of genres ranging from bluegrass, soul, country, and folk. The proof of their flexible sound is made apparent when reviewing their touring history: DTBL has opened for a wide array of heavy-hitters in live music, ranging from Keller Williams to Railroad Earth, Beats Antique to Split Lip Rayfield. Few bands could adequately share stages with any of those powerhouses—let alone all of those acts—yet Mustard (guitar, vocals), Ziggy (accordion, keyboard, vocals) and Megan (upright bass, vocals) all securely execute their performances and still draw the audience in towards the great time they are having on stage. In addition to their easy-going stage presence, they are visually stunning. The blend of music, custom-made outfits, and undeniably impressive hula-hooping skills of Miss Ziggy make DTBL a specifically incredible live band. Yet regardless of this attractive display of style, Dumptruck Butterlips still radiates a commendable amount of substance. The band manages to find a niche in their live performances no matter what the crowd, venue, or other artists.

DTBL’s ability to captivate anyone within an earshot is a testament to their musicianship and repertoire of original music. A number of the songs dwell on drinking, gritty passion in the bedroom, and the everyday shenanigans of being a “gypsy hippie.” Their sound effortlessly changes from bright, funky acoustic to unhurried, deep soul. But no matter what the tempo or message, they give it their all and are utterly devoted entertainers. Dumptruck Butterlips is a lighthearted band that keeps its music fun and sexy. Mustard, Ziggy, and Megan are serious musicians who do not take themselves too seriously. They are a talented and comfortable group that has a fast-growing and well-deserved audience.