Bought A Ticketmaster Ticket In The Last 12 Years? You’re Gonna Get A Refund

If you used Ticketmaster’s website to buy tickets between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011 (and if you are reading this website, you probably have), you’re likely to be eligible for a refund. If the court approves the proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit charging deceptive and excessive processing fees, fans will be getting back $1.50 per order for up to 17 ticket orders bought on the site in the last 12 years.  The proposed limit of 17 ticket orders will frustrate many of you hardcore concert goers who probably feel (as we do here) that we should be reimbursed for each and every ticket order over the last 12 years. But . . . it’s not looking like that’s going to happen and it looks like the maximum anyone will see is just over $25. However, if you are one of those fans who had tickets shipped via UPS, you may be entitled to up to $5 per ticket refunds.

According to court documents, Ticketmaster should be forced to pay out as much as $50 million. Sadly, the lawsuit won’t stop Ticketmaster from charging high fees in the future, it’s just going to force them to be clearer in how they communicate that they are doing so.

How To Get Your Refund

Refunds won’t come quickly. In face, credits won’t be issued prior to April 15, 2012 and should come within 30 days after Final Approval of the settlement which is currently scheduled for May 29, 2012.  So, don’t hold your breath, and don’t hope for a check to hit your mailbox.  It’s looking like the refunds will be issued in the form of discounts on future Ticketmaster transactions.  See this page for more details.