Neil Diamond To Hold Court At The 1st Bank Center


1st Bank Center
Thursday, July 26th
Tickets: $69.50 – $125.00
On-Sale: December 12th @ 10am

The legendary Neil Diamond is returning to Denver next summer, and this time he is forsaking his usual stomping grounds at The Pepsi Center in favor of the more intimate confines of the 1st Bank Center on July 26th.  The fact that this show wasn’t booked at Red Rocks is a bit of a surprise, but who knows.  Love him or hate him, the man has an incredible following of dedicated fans and his concerts are always fun.  It is impossible to imagine that anyone else could or should perform his unique songs, seemingly structured for his unique vocals and presentation. From the Latin flavored “Two-Bit Manchild,” to the country tinged “Shilo,” the gospel spirited “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show” and “Holly Holy,” a tribal treatment on “Soolaimen,” to the more pop oriented “Cherry Cherry” (all included on this collection), the thread remains Diamond’s signature vocal style. He has admitted that he never strived to conform to a set of writing rules, and thankfully so, for we would not have enjoyed the kind of diversity and genre crossing that Diamond employed in his pleasantly unconventional songwriting.